Firefighter Training

Drafting Water from the Lake

This section is for training firefighters to draft water from the lake and use the cache storage. We start by setting up Engine 123 to pull water from the lake

  1. Connect hose adapter to input pick up.
  2. Attach 2.5 inch suction hose to coupling.
  3. Lay hose out and prepare to connect to float pick up.
  4. Connect suction hose and tighten. Any leak will prevent drafting. Float intake into lake.
  5. Connect the output pressure hose from Engine 123 to Engine 122.
  6. Connect the hose to Engine 122. Notice the tank level indicator on the left.
  7. Prepare to engage pump. Put gear in neutral.
  8. Engage switch.
  9. Put in drive.
  10. Prime the suction pump.
  11. Engage the pump and fill the tank on Engine 122.

Now What?

You are now ready to set up the dump tank.