Churchill Five Forks VFD

We are a group of men and women that volunteer our time to protect the people and property in the district around the fire station. We provide fire and first responder protection. We meet twice a month at the fire station for business and training. The first meeting is the first Tuesday of the month and the second meeting is the third Thursday of the month.

CFFVFD Board of Directors 2015-2016

3 years Walter Turner and Jeff Zimmer thru 2018

2 years remaining Stan Brothers and Jesse Brannan and Ben Jackson thru 2017

1 years remaining Ken Smith and Frank MacCue thru 2016


Fire Chief-Samuel R (Robby) Ross

Assistant Chief-Ken Smith

Assistant Chief-Ben Jackson

Captain-Brent Silk

Captain-James Meehan

Captain First Responders-Frank MacCue

Lieutenant-Dennis Fogleman