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Fire Ground Set Up

This video was made of our fighfighters and mutual aide departments doing a set up to pump water continuously to atttack a fire. The gentleman doing the timing is Vernon Ward from the North Carolina State Fire Association. It is a timed test to first get water flowing and second to use mutual aide to maintain the flow.

Tanker 125 Filling from hydrant

This video shows firefighters filling tanker 125. To increase the speed of filling we are using our mutual aide engine from Station 2 to pump the water into the tanker thereby decreasing the time it would take if we were just using the normal flow from the hydrant. It is a timed test to fill and move a required distance as measured by Vernon Ward

Tanker Dump test

This is tanker 126 that would haul water to maintain a constant flow to fight a fire. The state inspector is measuring the time it takes for each unit that supports our station. The dump tank has obviously been filled to capacity.

Catching a Hydrant

We do not have this type hydrant and our hydrants are dry until you fill it by turning the top valve. The hydrant wrench is not with the hose.

In this next series of videos Churchill was mutual aide in support of Macon. The house was located on Highway 158 so we had to shut down one lane of traffic.

Preparation and use of a Halligan Tool to open a door- 2 firefighter

Use of a Halligan Tool to open a door- 1 firefighter

Lighting the fire using a traffic flare