On Saturday June 12th from 10am-3pm, come help us celebrate our station's 40th anniversary, serving our community since 1981. Lots of food and fun activities and great BBQ is always a big hit. If you wish to pre-order some extra BBQ to take home, call before June 5th,cost is $8.00 per/lb. Please contact NANCY BEYER at 252-257-3202.

posted: 2021-05-06 09:39:31 by: David

Station Rental

Please be aware that we have a procedure to reserve and rent the station for the residents in the community. I administer the procedure since it involves payments and reimbursements. You as a fire fighter do not have to follow the procedure but you do have to be aware of the dates that are reserved for use. I update the calendar with the dates and that is the official reservation list. The board in the fire station is NOT OFFICAL and if you do not check the calendar on the web then I will not be aware of your desire to reserve use. We have not had a conflict yet and I am sending this now because we are getting more requests from our residents to use the station. Thanks for your consideration.

posted: 2016-03-19 12:07:02 by: Stan

Fire Station Calendar

August 2020

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Events for August 2020

Ken Smith - August 2


Pasture Gate meeting - August 30

Zoom and live at 2 PM. Stan Brothers